Mary Ann Kleuser

Photo of a young Mary Ann Kleuser

“We need to plan for the future, not only for today." -Mary Ann Monkhouse Kleuser

In 2013, the Center for Transforming Lives was planning for how to make a bigger impact on the children and families in Tarrant County. As a financial supporter and member of the CTL board of directors, Mary Ann Kleuser was a strong voice for strengthening the financial sustainability and security of the Center and she made sure that our planning considered not only the children of today, but the children of tomorrow. Her encouragement was to think bigger, while always making sure that the vision for our future was solidly grounded in reality. For Mary Ann, that reality included ensuring that we established opportunities for legacy giving.

Mary Ann’s legacy at the Center for Transforming Lives goes well beyond the board room. Friends and family were constantly joining her for tours, attending her birthday parties benefiting the Center, or helping out with blankets for the babies. As a former Occupational Therapist, she also spent hours in the classroom with individual children who had developmental delays or teaching teachers how to best work with those children when she wasn’t there. Mary Ann was a tireless advocate for sustainable improvement in the lives of children and their mothers.

Mary Ann was involved in many organizations across Fort Worth, but always made time to serve and lead at the Center for Transforming Lives. Because of her passion and involvement with the Center for Transforming Lives, Mary Ann included the Center in her estate plan with a gift to continue the two-generation work that has become its hallmark.

Mary Ann is missed by many, especially those touched by her directly, including the children, teachers and staff. But through her legacy gift, Mary Ann’s impact will live on for generations.