Traveling the World & Leaving a Legacy

Deborah SanfordDeborah Sanford's admirable life and esteemed career began when she left college to pursue a career with American Airlines as a flight attendant. Much to her parents' surprise, her switch from the traditional route to traveling the world would turn into a very rewarding 30-year dedication (and free flights for her family!).

No matter where she traveled, Deborah called Fort Worth 'home'. After retiring, she returned to the city and became increasingly involved in the community initiatives hosted by First United Methodist Church.

Deborah and her fellow friends at church were extremely involved in the work at Center for Transforming Lives. From hosting hygiene drives and donating interview attire for women in the Emergency Shelter to committing long-term gifts as a Wings of Hope donor—her devotion and passion for supporting families in our community has only grown stronger throughout the past 20+ years she's been serving the nonprofit.

Now, Deborah has given the gift of a lifetime by naming the Center for Transforming Lives as a beneficiary in her Individual Retirement Account (IRA). When asked about her decision to become a Legacy Donor, Deborah said,

"Several years ago I made a Legacy Gift to Center for Transforming Lives because I believe strongly in the multi-generational line of action they use with both mothers and children to break the cycle of poverty. It often begins with a woman needing temporary shelter in our facility, but because of all of the incredibly supportive programming CTL now has in place, that can evolve into a family getting the help they need to achieve self-sufficiency and vitally needed early childhood education for their little ones.

For over 100 years, our historic building has been a bright spot and a beacon of hope for women in the city of Fort Worth, and for the past 35 years we have expanded that outreach to include caring for and educating young children. Over the years, with the guidance of various leaders, and most importantly, our current CEO, Carol Klocek, opportunities to create a better life are being offered by CTL to marginalized women and children in Tarrant County, and I hope that my Legacy Gift will help CTL continue to thrive in the future."

To learn more about Legacy Giving and how you can make an impact in the lives of women and children in our community, please visit